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yaletown early morning, instax

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why I know I need to leave this town, #485734985745: this made me cringe, not smile.

UGH yeah. I mean… I don’t hate it here… this will always be my home… but like GOOD GOD GET ME OUT OF HERE.

suck on it, victoria

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these cranes will never not remind me of Spook Country.

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Me and mine but he just always has this annoying attitude that I just cannot stand ugh

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Showtime Concept Art by Maciej Kuciara

Artist: DeviantArt / Website / Twitter

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Whoo! I think my #paxprime #cosplay is good to go!

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you go girlfriend


you go girlfriend

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Parental Advisory, Explicit Content ~ 1) Take Them Seriously


This is a follow-up to an earlier post about kids introducing adult content in games.

1) Take Them Seriously

Kids spend most of their lives not being taken seriously. Their lives are full of fear and pain and emotion, but whatever they experience is still considered a lesser reflection of a…

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instax by nOzOmiiii

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a birb of the type of pineapple or maybe porcupine

SORRY not for a sample thems spike is the defensive fence better WATCH those pointer
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a lot of people with the word “ghost” in their url aren’t actually ghosts. i’ve sent the tumblr staff several long messages and heartfelt pleas begging them to remove these accounts but they refuse to take any action

Need to hear from some actual ghosts on this issue.  

nah, we good.