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Killer Queen

I literally sighed when I saw this. A sigh of relief. I do not know why. Complex feels, over here.

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This video, which depicts geese at the Central Park children’s zoo stubbornly trying to devour my clothes, is an apt illustration of what happens when I see one of my young players in between games.

Kid: Hey.
Me: How’s it going?
Kid: Dungeon World was really fun.
Me: Wasn’t it? It’s one of my favorite games.
Kid: Do you think we’re gonna die next session?
Me, internally: Probably.
Me, actually: It’s always possible.
Kid: Is [thing] going to [happen]?
Me: The rules of Dungeon World explicitly forbid me from making the story up ahead of time. That’s all up to you.
Kid: But do you think that [character] will [cause] [thing] to [happen]?
Me, channeling Stephen Fry in Jeeves & Wooster: I really couldn’t say, sir. This exchange repeats between four and seven times.
Kid: What happens when you die in Dungeon World?
Me: You die in real life.

When you die in DW, you die in real life.

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DuckTales Music (NES) - The Moon Theme (by explod2A03)

Important music

so triumphant

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Idris’ Elbow


Idris’ Elbow

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I’m just gonna go ahead and start responding to any and all pleas for advice with that line. I’m gonna make that a thing.

I support this

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EDIT: Woo! Sorry for this reblog, but I found an incredible GIF optimizer and was finally able to put out a super low weight version of the bonfire animation at 300% resolution. I’ve edited my previous post (see below) as well which now displays the FULL version of this animation at much higher res as well.

Thanks everyone for the support! :)

And for those who asked about a 1920 x 1080 wallpaper, I have put one together! You can grab it right here!

Got a few requests for a wallpaper without the DS2 logo, too, so here it is.

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1920 Bianco, prese a Denver, CO

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These are the following four comic-book ads for Dungeons & Dragons. As a kid, I was fascinated by them as much as I was by the television commercial featuring the electronic D&D game. I can’t even count the number of times I studies, copied or traced the image of the wizard holding the scroll inside the Dimension Door!

Short and punchy, each page has to pull you in by itself, limited to between four and six panels to make you interested in the game! 

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Brothers Grimm’s Homeland, 2013 | Kilian Schönberger

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Based on this post from this rad tumblr. Go read stories about little kids roleplaying (the parallels to my group are astounding at times)

The kids are gonna love this.